Age 23 Stories

Age 23 is a breaking point. These breaking points make every person’s journey unique and unite us with different themes.


A journey exploring the infinite possibility that might get born from uncertainty, the new ways opening out by a sense of wonder, leading the revolution for alteration, improving the suspicion? seeking peace and the balance of life. “Age 23 Stories” is a sharing network that lights the way from past to present and present to future by the leaders going back to Age 20s of their lives. First and foremost, “Age 23 Stories” is a meeting point for people who are making brave steps for being their own lives leader and finding their passion, making an effort to create a moral for their lives. To be a part of these stories and to write your story stay with 23.


Akan Abdula

Founder of FutureBright Group

Atıl Samancıoğlu

Academy Club & Pera Games Co-founder

Çağrı Süzer

CEO of Garanti BBVA Payment Systems

Duygu K. Kılıç

Co-founder and CEO of FineDine

Gamze Cizreli

Co-founder of BigChefs

İbrahim Romano

Board Member of ÜNLÜ & Co

Jan Nahum

Hexagon Chairman of the Board

Lale Can Gözübüyük

Area Manager of Plug and Play Technology Center

Levent Erden

Founder of Next Academy

Metin Salt

General Manager of Vestel Ventures

Özlem Denizmen

Board Member of Doğuş Otomotiv

Sertaç Doğanay

Technology Communicator and Prelector

Yavuz Elkin

DenizBank Human Resources and Deniz Akademi Assistant General Manager

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Age 23 Stories #1
Age 23 Stories #2
Age 23 Stories #3


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