Manifest 23

Mark Twain mentions that there are two important days in life; one is the day we are born and the other is the day we realize why we were born. Age 23 is the age for us to realize our dreams and embark on life. When university is over, it’s time to go out on the field. But unfortunately, just getting an education in a good university does not bring the competencies that life expects from us.


Believing that the way to the realization of knowledge is through practice, we aim to gain real experience through the field process as well as training and case studies in the 23 Process.

We believe that;

Finding the way in uncertainty, Finding the truth by approaching with suspicion,

Curious to learn a new subject, Passionate,

Keeping the balance, Capturing the serenity,

Hearing the voice of his conscience, Courageously able to mobilize his surroundings,

We need leaders who can create the new by making a revolution.

23, Real Experience-Based Leadership Journey seeks leaders who are ready for this.



Starts from the possible;


Notices, makes a difference;

Sees value, creates value;

Looks good, sees good;

Does not hide, it shares;

Does not remain indifferent, takes action;

Doesn’t stop looking

Does not despair.

23 is a platform affiliated with the 23 Talent Association.