Manifest 23

Mark Twain mentions that there are two important days in life; one is the day we are born, and the other is the day we realize why we were born. The age of 23 is the age for us to realize our dreams and embark on life. It’s the age when the university is over and we go out on the field. But unfortunately, just getting an education at a good university does not bring us the competencies that life expects from us.
Those of us who believe that the way to the realization of knowledge is through practice. In addition to training and case studies, we aim to gain real experience with projects focused on social benefits.

We believe that

he is able to find a way through uncertainty, Find the truth by approaching it with doubt,
be Curious to learn a new subject, be Passionate,
Keep the balance, Able to find peace,
Hearing the voice of conscience, Courageously able to mobilize his environment,
We need those who can create the new by making a revolution.
23 True Experience Driven Adventure seeks those who are ready for this journey.

23 fellows

They start with the possible;
They simplify;
They notice, and make the difference;
They see the value, and create value;
They look good, and see well;
They do not hide, they share;
They do not remain indifferent, they take action;
They do not give up seeking, do not despair;
They do not follow, they leave traces.

Stay tuned to apply for the 23 adventure starting with Summit 23 in October.

our team

Çağrı Yıldız

Strategy Director

M. Emir Gücer

23 Director

Ömer Faruk Baş

Workshop Director

Nursena Balatekin

Theme and Content Director

Furkan Demirci

Innovation and Digitization Director

Dilara Tosun

Corporate Cooperation Director

Furkan Filiz

Brand and Communications Director

Kadir Aydın

Entrepreneurship Director

Sinan Uluğ

Resource Development Director

Elif Aydın

Volunteer Management Director


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