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The program aims to prepare high school students with high motivation to learn for university and future life by fostering awareness of current societal needs and personal identities. The primary target audience is 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students in Turkey, and the program gradually works towards this goal. Initially, it started with 3 pilot schools in Istanbul and will expand to all high schools in the Marmara region. The program, called 18, aims to voluntarily contribute to the development of high school students and consists of three stages: Seed (Ekin), Impact(Etki), and Mentor & Mentee, to achieve this goal.


  • Ekin (Seed): It supports students’ cultural growth by providing informative instruction from specialists in the field.
  • Etki (Impact): It presents opportunities for students to learn and interact through physical activities.
  • Mentor & Mentee: It offers academic and psychological guidance to students through personalized mentor & mentee pairings. It establishes a relationship of development between mentor and mentee through weekly designated themes.


18, a social impact initiative, aims to cultivate individuals who possess a high level of self-awareness and aim to provide maximum benefit to themselves and the society they are a part of through the education it provides. The pilot phase of the initiative was initiated with the voluntary participation of 30 high school students from Gaziosmanpaşa, Özdemir Asaf Anadolu Lisesi, and Asfa College in Istanbul. The process is set to be completed by the end of the summer, targeting 2 Seed (Ekin), 1 Impact (Etki), and weekly mentor & mentee meetings with the pilot students. The initiative will expand to all high schools in Istanbul with the outcomes of the pilot process and focuses on high school students who are open to growth.


Peers is an initiative that allows university students to receive free education in various fields, such as social, technical, and cultural, through a peer-to-peer learning model.


The main objective of Peers is to create a positive social impact among university students, led by a team of young individuals from 23.


In Peers, every university student can share their expertise and skills by giving training in their area of proficiency, or improve themselves by taking free training from peers who are proficient in a particular field. Peers encourages both teaching and learning among peers.


What sets Peers apart from other learning platforms is that it does not charge for any of its training and promotes a peer-to-peer learning experience, which enhances self-improvement. This approach also allows for effective communication, a comfortable environment for asking questions and socialization during the learning process.


If you’re curious about the types of training Peers has offered so far, it includes : Entrepreneurship, Watercolor Painting, German, Astrology, Chess, M&A…


To stay informed about Peers’ upcoming training and to have the opportunity to train your peers, join Peers now , “Learn with your peers, learn from your peers!”


WeAreOne is an enterprise that believes that people from different segments of society can interact, learn, and create together without obstacles and that it aims to create long-term social benefits based on this idea.


WeAreOne does not view disability as just a situation that requires special needs but as an opportunity to support young people with visual, physical, hearing, and intellectual disabilities to be active participants in society. Therefore, it works on the axis of accessibility and equality, organizes art workshops, and brings together disabled people with accessible spaces.


The volunteers of WeAreOne from all over Turkey have organized accessible art workshops in 3 major cities: Istanbul, İzmir, and Ankara.


With the support of disability associations, university disability units, and space sponsors; visually impaired, physically, and intellectually disabled friends had the opportunity to design jewelry and make ceramics. They have decided to channel their energy to reaching more disabled people after seeing the impact of their pilot trials and realizing how much they want to touch people’s lives. Because creating an environment where disabled people can socialize freely is a responsibility that comes with the understanding of “We Are One”.


WeAreOne aims to make them accessible workshop concept sustainable in the future by cooperating with ticket sales platforms and allowing disabled individuals to purchase discounted tickets from accessible spaces that meet their specific needs.


Let’s be a part of this dream!


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