Real Experience Driven

23; an experience adventure that aims to contribute to the development of university students’ leadership competencies and to become leaders who make a difference in institutions and brands. This program, which will last for 2 years for university students, will prepare you for the future with the opportunities and experience-oriented activities.

what kind of adventure awaits you when you are a part of 23?

Year 1 – 23


  • Workshop 23 participation
  • Academy 23 participation
  • Participation in training
  • Social Enterprise Program

Year 2 – 23 Volunteers


  • Educational scholarship opportunity
  • Academy 23 Participation
  • 23 Internships

Year 3 – 23 Graduates


  • Workshop moderator
  • Mentorship to 23
  • Participation in 23 events as an invited guest
  • Chance to join the team of 23

23 Adventure

On the stage of life, everyone has a story. It is possible to be a spectator on that stage and to leave a mark. Zirve 23; This year, with the motto “Don’t Watch, Leave a Trace!”, around 9 different themes and with different speakers, on October 15 at Volkswagen Arena! So are you ready to leave your mark?

The aim of Academy 23 is; to get to know the business practices and sectors of the companies in a short time, to learn the careers of the employees, to obtain theoretical knowledge, to visit the field and to produce ideas. For this reason, Academy 23 supports 23-year-olds to gain awareness of the competencies required by career life and to build their future.

Workshop 23 is a unique process in which 9 themes of 23 are experienced. In addition to academic development in 23, personal development, the relationship that the person establishes with himself and other people also has a very important place. For this reason, Atölye 23, which opens an area of development and discovery, was designed.

social enterprise projects


18; It shows highly motivated high school students the way to learn and develop with peer education and experienced names in the field in order to start their university life and future ready individuals.

University students or newly graduated young people can be both instructors and students; It is a dynamic educational platform where they can transfer their knowledge and competencies in social, technical and cultural fields.

WeAreOne organizes art workshops that enable people with disabilities to gain experience and produce products to create a climate where people with disabilities can socialize freely, classify accessible spaces according to universal metrics and bring them together with people with disabilities.


You can share your ideas and opinions with us anytime you want to:
23 is a platform that is linked to 23 Talent Association (23 Yetenek Derneği)