What’s 23

23 is a real experience-oriented leadership journey. Our aim is to contribute to the future leadership of 23 talents that we will carefully identify. This 1-year program for university students will prepare you for the future with the trainings and experience-oriented activities it offers.

23 Journey

An adventure beyond all the events you have attended so far awaits you. Meetings with professional speakers around 9 themes, experience-oriented activity areas of brands and more…

Academy 23

Experience-oriented case studies and online trainings where you will learn the competencies of the future practically.

Camp 23

3 days of project and team work activities in an environment far from the city.

Field 23

Field projects focusing on social benefit and special events in areas of experience in line with our themes.

Previous Events

23 Years Stories #1

23 Years Stories #2

Academy 23

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23 is a platform affiliated with the 23 Talent Association.